Reporting Workplace Health And Safety Violations

Reporting Workplace Health And Safety Violations

Many employees are injured on the job from unresolved health and safety issues in the workplace. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a government agency that is responsible for ensuring worker safety. The following article will provide some helpful information regarding how to report health and safety violations in your workplace to OSHA.

What should I do if there are health and safety concerns in my workplace?

If you have concerns regarding health and safety issues in your workplace, you should first attempt to report your concerns to your employer. However, at any time, you may file a complaint with OSHA to and request an inspection of your workplace, especially if it appears that your employer has failed to take any action regarding your complaint.

What will happen after I file an OSHA complaint?

After you file an OSHA complaint, it will be evaluated to determine whether it should be handled as an off-site investigation or an onsite inspection.

What rights do I have during an OSHA investigation?

When an OSHA inspector arrives, workers (and their representatives, if applicable) will have the right to talk privately with the inspector both before and after the inspection. A representative may also accompany the inspector during the inspection if he so chooses. If there is no union or employee representative, the OSHA inspector is required to privately speak with a reasonable number of workers during the course of the investigation.

Will my employer know that I made a complaint to OSHA?

When you file an OSHA complaint, you can indicate whether or not you want your name revealed to your employer during OSHA’s investigation of your complaint. You will need to provide your contact information however, so that OSHA can communicate with you regarding the status of your complaint.

Can I be terminated if my employer finds out I filed an OSHA complaint?

Your employer is prohibited from terminating you on the sole basis of filing an OSHA complaint. If you believe that you were unfairly terminated after filing an OSHA complaint, you should immediately report this to your local OSHA office (see below). You will then be required to file a whistleblower complaint with OSHA within 30 calendar days from the date you were terminated.

How do I file an OSHA complaint?

You can file a complaint online, by phone, mail, email, or fax with your local OSHA office.

It is important to note that if you need to report an emergency, fatality, or imminent life threatening situation, you should not fill out the form. Rather, you should call OSHA immediately at 1-800-321-OSHA (6742); TTY 1-877-889-5627.

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