How Should I Prepare For An Independent Medical Examination (IME)?

How Should I Prepare For An Independent Medical Examination (IME)?

The following article will provide some tips regarding how to prepare for independent medical examinations (IMEs).

What is an independent medical examination (IME)?

An independent medical examination (IME) is a medical examination performed by a physician that is used to resolve questions about your medical condition for purposes of a workers compensation claim. As part of this examination, the physician will review your relevant medical records, examine you, and write a report with his findings. Workers compensation judges typically treat IME physicians as experts and will give significant weight to their reports. If you happen to disagree with the findings in the report, you or your attorney can challenge the report.

How can I prepare for an IME?

If you have to take an IME, the following tips will help you prepare for it:

  1. Be on time for your appointment. If possible, you should aim to arrive to your appointment 30 minutes early. This will allow you time to complete any necessary paperwork before you actually see the medical professional.
  2. Bring someone with you. You may want to consider bringing a family member, friend, or attorney to your appointment. This person can verify what was said during the appointment and may also be able to take detailed notes on your behalf. Just make sure that your companion knows he can’t answer any questions on your behalf; his job is simply to observe and document your interaction with the IME physician.
  3. Consider seeing your family physician the same day. It could be very helpful to have a second recorded medical visit on the same day as your IME appointment. It can help provide validation of your physical or mental condition at that point in time. If at any time in the process you have concerns about the accuracy of the IME report, it is nice to have an alternative opinion on file from a medical professional, especially one who is intimately familiar with the details of your medical history.
  4. Be ready to explain your injury. The IME physician will likely inquire as to how your physical injury or health condition came about. Make sure that story you tell matches the information in your claim and that you avoid any inconsistencies.
  5. Be honest. It is important to be honest about the cause and extent of your injuries. Keep in mind that the medical examiner is already familiar with the details of your claim. As such, you should ensure that you answer all questions with honesty.
  6. Be brief but thorough in your answers. When you answer questions, try to keep your answers focused on the most important information that supports your claim and only elaborate further if you’re asked to. You should probably practice your answers in advance so that you feel confident getting right to the point and sticking to the facts.
  7. Consult with an attorney before your visit. You should consider working with a workers compensation attorney who can help you navigate the entire claims process, including preparing for your IME visit. Make sure you discuss any concerns you have and that you use the attorney as a resource to help you practice your answers so that you provide the most important information, clearly and succinctly.

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