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Chicago Burn Injury Lawyer

The various types of burn injuries are among the most serious kinds of workplace injuries. These wounds usually require long-term and expensive treatment at specialty regional burn centers. Even after doctors and physical therapists do their work, the physical and emotional scars usually remain. These lingering scars serve as a permanent and unwanted reminder of a very difficult time period.

The compassionate Chicago burn injury lawyers at Connolly Injury Law understand the extensive emotional distress, as well as pain and suffering, these victims must endure. So, we work hard to obtain the compensation these victims need and deserve. No one can turn back the clock and stop a workplace accident from happening. But compensation helps victims move on, and that’s the next best thing.

Types of Burn Injuries

Workers’ compensation benefits, which are outlined below, are available for both trauma injuries and occupational diseases. Occupation-related burn injuries could fit into either category.

Temperature burns, mostly from electrocution accidents, are the most common type of work-related burn injuries. So much energy flows through electric wires that arc blasts are usually hotter than the sun. A few moments of exposure to temperatures that high is more than enough to cause a third or fourth-degree burn.

Third-degree burns damage the epidermis, or the inner skin layer. Fourth-degree burns affect the bone. Both kinds of burns almost always require expensive and painful skin grafts.

Chemical burns are normally an occupational disease. Many toxic fumes erode the linings of the ears, nose and throat. Once that protective layer is gone, continued exposure usually causes a serious, yet invisible, burn.

Sometimes, workers inhale toxic fumes for months or years before they show any illness symptoms. Although the claims deadline has usually passed by the time these victims see doctors, full financial compensation is usually available.

Benefits Available

In general, workers’ compensation replaces lost wages and pays medical bills. Injured victims need both these benefits if they are to fully recover from their injuries.

Typically, burn injuries are permanently disabling, at least to an extent. As mentioned, burns usually leave physical and/or emotional scars. Furthermore, a serious burn could also mean permanent loss of function. Workers’ compensation usually pays lump-sum payments based on the nature and extent of the disability in these situations.

“Disability” is not just a medical term. This word also has legal, educational, vocational, and other implications.

Workers’ compensation also pays all reasonably necessary medical bills. Insurance companies often use the “reasonably necessary” requirement as an excuse to reduce or deny payment. Frequently, workers’ compensation insurance companies use generic financial needs in all cases. So, a burned arm might mean X days in the hospital and Y days of physical rehabilitation. The patient’s needs don’t enter the equation.

Our Chicago burn injury lawyers advocate for victims in these situations. We help ensure that you get the medical treatment you need, and not the medical treatment an insurance company is willing to pay for.

Contact an Experienced Cook County Burn Injury Lawyer

Job-related injury victims are entitled to significant compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Chicago, contact Connolly Injury Law. We do not charge upfront legal fees in these matters.

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