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$1,300,000 Traumatic Brain
Injury at Work
$950,000 Pedestrian
$900,000 Motor Vehicle
$790,000 Slip and
$750,000 Motorcycle
$738,000 Commercial Vehicle
$583,000 Construction
$500,000 Worker
$466,539 Motor Vehicle
$450,000 Construction
$430,000 Truck
$399,000 Construction
$381,305 Worker
$375,000 Worker
$275,000 Worker
$250,000 Motor Vehicle
$200,000 Slip and
$200,000 Medical
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Personal Injury

Connolly Injury Law is a full-service law firm helping injury victims throughout Chicagoland recover compensation for the harm done to them by the negligence of another. Financial recovery after an accident isn’t automatic. The injured victim has to either negotiate an appropriate settlement amount with the insurance company or take them to court, where the victim will have to prove all the elements of a negligence claim – that the defendant breached a duty of care to the plaintiff, and that failure caused injury to the plaintiff that requires payment for the plaintiff’s medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Workers' Compensation

Illinois workers’ compensation law represents a balance between offering health care and job security to injured workers with the need to limit business expenses and lost productivity for employers. Workers’ comp benefits help employees get better and get back to work while limiting the company’s liability by prohibiting civil lawsuits against employers. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation doesn’t always protect employees as it should. Employers dispute the extent of the worker’s injury or say it isn’t work-related. Workers who do receive benefits find they are not getting as much as they should, or their benefits are cut off before they are ready to return to work.

Chicago Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Being employed is about more than earning a living, building a retirement, and making sure your kids are well-fed, well-clothed, well-educated and well-cared for. Your job is also a point of pride and a sense of purpose, whether you are in the service industry helping people get through their busy day or in the building trades creating structures and infrastructure that will last for generations. Getting hurt – while on the job, on the road, or at the store – can put you out of commission and unable to work temporarily or even permanently. A serious injury is many things – painful, debilitating, stressful, worrisome, and aggravating. Knowing that you’ll get the proper medical care and the right of amount of money can help you get through this tough period with less trouble and anxiety while you focus on getting better.

Chicago workers’ compensation lawyer Mark Connolly knows what you are going through because he has been in your shoes. Mark has worked hard his entire life, putting himself through college as a union laborer in the construction trades. He knows how important your job is to you, especially when an injury throws you out of work and the paychecks stop coming. As a lawyer, Mark is devoted to helping people like you in need.

As the principal attorney at Connolly Injury Law, Mark personally handles your case. Mark has successfully resolved hundreds of cases over the years through trials and out-of-court settlements, including many that have resolved for amounts in excess of one million dollars. With Connolly Injury Law working on your case, you have a caring individual who understands you and is there for you in your most difficult moments, and an experienced professional committed to achieving outstanding results.

Chicago Workers’ Compensation

A work-related injury or occupational disease could turn your life upside down, with serious ramifications both personally and professionally. As such, it is comforting to know that you may qualify for benefits under state law and regulations implemented by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC). With this financial support, you can get the essential medical care you need to get back to health and return to your job as soon as possible.

Still, the process for filing a workers’ comp claim can be complex. You might struggle to get your benefits, especially in the face of push-back from your employer and insurance company. Instead of grappling with complicated laws, delays, and a potential denial, allow our team at Connolly Injury Law to protect your rights. Please contact us to schedule a no-cost consultation with a Chicago workers’ compensation lawyer who can explain the laws. You might also benefit from reviewing a legal overview of the process.

Illinois workers’ compensation laws guarantee medical payments for employees who get injured on the job, as well as wage replacement payments while they are out of work. Workers cannot file personal injury lawsuits for work injuries, so they have no choice but to rely on workers’ comp. But the process isn’t easy, and companies and their insurance carriers often look for ways to delay payments, terminate benefits early, or deny claims altogether. Chicago workers’ compensation lawyer Mark Connolly helps injured employees who work in a wide range of occupations, including representing commercial truck drivers, flight attendants and other airline workers and construction workers, among others. Our practice covers work injuries ranging from neck, spine, shoulder and knee injuries to traumatic brain injuries and catastrophic accidents. Explore our website to learn about the Illinois workers’ compensation claims process, common reasons workers’ comp claims get denied, and how Connolly Injury Law can help.

Basics of Illinois Workers’ Compensation Laws

State laws aim to strike a balance between employers and employees when workplace conditions lead to an injury-causing accident or occupational illness. You do not need to prove that your employer was at-fault, but it is important to understand that filing a workers’ compensation claim is your sole remedy in most cases. You cannot sue your employer in court, and it is not possible to obtain amounts for pain and suffering. However, workers’ comp does provide important benefits if you qualify, including:

  • Coverage of reasonable, necessary medical costs, now and in the future;
  • Wage replacement if you cannot work because of your medical condition;
  • Permanent or temporary disability payments; and
  • Death benefits, if you are an eligible family member who lost a loved one because of an on-the-job accident or disease.

Challenges in the Workers’ Comp Claims Process

Though the specifics vary, you will generally be eligible for benefits if you suffer from a job-related medical condition you contracted at work. Issues can arise nevertheless, even when your rights seem clear. Workers’ compensation insurance companies are for-profit businesses that prioritize their own bottom line over your interests. While there are rightful reasons for a denial, you should be concerned if the insurer rejects your claim on the grounds that:

  • You are not a covered employee;
  • Your injuries are not severe enough to warrant medical care OR time off work; or
  • You did not contract your medical condition when at work or because of workplace conditions.

The Chicago workers’ compensation lawyers at Connolly Injury Law are prepared to fight these allegations as we aggressively pursue your claim. If the insurance company refuses to pay proper benefits, we will take the next steps through WCC or other legal options.

Chicagoland Personal Injury

When injuries occur outside of work and are caused by another person, company or property owner’s negligence, Connolly Injury Law will represent you in negotiating a settlement with the insurance company or litigating your cause in court. Our firm handles the full range of Chicago personal injury matters, including car and truck and other motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall and premises liability matters, dog bites, and medical malpractice. In cases of wrongful death, we help the surviving spouse and next of kin recover a fair and just monetary award, including compensation for sorrow, grief and mental suffering. With over a decade of experience and a long string of high-dollar successes, you can count on Chicago injury lawyer Mark Connolly to prove your case, including seeking punitive damages where appropriate, while pushing back against insurance company allegations of comparative negligence or other defense tactics designed to minimize or avoid their liability to you.

Maximum Compensation in Third-Party Liability Cases

As a law firm practicing both workers’ compensation and general personal injury law, Connolly Injury Law is the perfect fit when you have been injured at work by a third party. These situations include motor vehicle accidents on the clock, injuries while working on a third-party’s dangerously unsafe premises, and defective product injuries at work. We’ll pursue both workers’ compensation claims and negligence lawsuits in appropriate cases, helping to ensure maximum compensation to help you deal with your injuries and the disruption to your life that another’s negligence has inflicted on you.

Dedicated Chicagoland Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury Lawyer

Connolly Injury Law serves clients throughout all of Chicagoland, including communities in Cook, Lake, DuPage, Kane and Will counties. All cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning there is no fee unless you win. Our office is available to take your call 24/7, including through the live chat feature on our website. Office consultations are available via Zoom as well as in-person at your convenience. Call 312-780-0816 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your free consultation today. Our Chicago workers’ compensation lawyers are here and ready to help.

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Very Professional and Dedicated 5 Stars

Mr. Connolly helped us with a workers comp case. Throughout the whole extensive process he looked out for our best interest and kept us informed. He was very professional and dedicated to our case. Thank you for your help.

Unrelenting, Responsive, Attentive 5 Stars

Mark never gave up on my case, always answered my calls promptly. He was unrelenting in pursuing justice for my WC settlement and was able to not only win the case but settle it with a very satisfactory conclusion.

Highly Recommended 5 Stars

"Mark Connolly represented me in a personal injury slip and fall case. It was a difficult case to prove negligence but Mark Connolly was successful at recovering a generous settlement which covered all my lost wages and medical expenses. The insurance company didn’t want to pay out what we fought for in the end but Mark was successful and diligent. There are many..." Read More

Excellent Job 5 Stars

Mark did an excellent job with my workers compensation case. He always kept me in the loop and ended up getting me much more money than I expected.

Asked for Results and Mark... 5 Stars

"I had been hurt on the job and was unaware of the laws that are in place to help workers with L&I claims. I knew it occurred at work and on the clock however, I did not know how to peruse a case against my current employer and still have the ability to retain my job. Mark worked diligently with me providing me..." Read More

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Mark Connolly is an experienced trial attorney in the areas of personal injury and workers’ compensation. He focuses his practices in motor vehicle accidents, construction negligence, slip and falls, work accidents, medical malpractice, and product liability, among others. He has handled cases in numerous counties of the Circuit Courts of Illinois, the Northern District of Illinois Federal Court and the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.

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