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FedEx is one of the largest delivery companies in the world. Each day nearly half-a-million FedEx workers strive to ship millions of packages across the country and the world. The pressure to maintain these strict delivery schedules places enormous pressure on delivery workers–and often leads to work-related accidents. If you are one of those workers and need legal representation from a qualified Chicago FedEx driver injury lawyer, the team at Connolly Injury Law is here to help.

FedEx Employees Are Protected by Workers’ Comp Regardless of Fault

Workplace accidents occur at every business. But FedEx employees understand the unique hazards of their jobs. Some of the more common scenarios we have seen among our clients include:

  • A FedEx delivery driver gets into an accident caused by a distracted driver who runs a red light.
  • A delivery driver slips and falls on an icy walkway while making a delivery during the busy holiday season.
  • A worker falls from a ladder while working in a FedEx warehouse.
  • A piece of machinery or equipment, such as a forklift, suddenly malfunctions and injures the operator.
  • A worker suffers a serious illness due to exposure to hazardous materials being shipped.

The first thing to understand about workers’ compensation is that it is not about fault. FedEx cannot refuse to pay your benefits because they think you were responsible for your accident or injury. At the same time, your options for taking legal action against FedEx are limited–provided the company complies with its obligations under the law.

That said FedEx can–and often does–try to use the workers’ compensation system to its advantage. If FedEx disputes or denies a claim, the employee must contest that decision before the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. The dispute is initially heard by an arbitrator appointed by the Commission. The arbitrator’s decision can then be appealed to the Commission itself. Even after the Commission itself makes a decision, either you or FedEx can further appeal to the Illinois courts. This means the workers’ compensation process can take quite a long time depending on the nature and complexity of your particular case.

Contact Connolly Injury Law Today

Your first step following any work-related accident or injury is to notify your employer as soon as possible. This is crucial because Illinois law does impose a time limit on initiating a workers’ compensation claim. After doing that–and seeking medical treatment obviously–your next step should be to speak with a knowledgeable Chicago Fedex driver injury/workers comp lawyer.

You may not think you need a lawyer. But if you have never dealt with workers’ compensation before it is easy to get overwhelmed and confused by the process. Large employers like FedEx often count on this to minimize–or even get out of–their own obligations to pay their injured workers. Do not put yourself in that situation. If you need to speak with an attorney, contact Connolly Injury Law today to schedule a free initial consultation.


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