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Steps To Recover From a Work-Related Injury

Suffering a work-related injury can be devastating. A work-related injury can change your life, sometimes, even permanently. A work injury [...]


Shoulder Injuries at Work: Some Important Information for You

Shoulder injuries are among the most common injuries workers suffer on the job. Unfortunately, shoulder injuries can be extremely painful. [...]


6 Hazards Commercial Painters Face on the Job

The work of a painter is an important one. Painters are essential to creating pleasant spaces. Painters can work at [...]


Understanding Road Worker Injury: Covered Under Workers’ Compensation or Personal Injury?

Road workers can suffer several injuries, and these injuries can range from minor to severe. Some accidents or incidents even [...]


Top 5 Job Hazards for Retail Workers

Hazards exist in every industry, and the retail sector is no exception. People who work in retail face several risks [...]


Here’s How Social Media Can Affect Your Chicago Workers’ Compensation Claim

Social media has become a big part of our lives. Pew Research Center reports that out of ten Americans, seven [...]


What Medical Expenses Are Covered by Illinois Workers’ Compensation?

After suffering an injury while on the job in Illinois, you have the right to claim workers’ compensation benefits. In [...]


Safety Tips for Steel Plant Workers

Steep plant workers are exposed to many hazards daily while on the job, such as high temperatures and handling heavy [...]


Factors Insurance Adjusters Use To Evaluate Workers’ Compensation Claims in an Attempt To Find Ways To Attack the Claim

Workers suffer injuries and illnesses while on the job all the time. Thankfully, the workers’ compensation system is in place [...]


Personal Injury Deposition Questions

A personal injury deposition is a legal proceeding in which the injured worker and other involved parties, such as the [...]

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