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Chicago Workers' Compensation Lawyer > Chicago Neck & Spine Injury Lawyer

Chicago Neck & Spine Injury Lawyer

Back, neck and spine injuries can be among the most serious injuries. They can cause full or partial paralysis and near or total disability. Even without damage to the spinal cord, injury victims can be left to deal with chronic pain, limited mobility or range of motion, or the inability to sit, stand or walk for extended periods.

Unfortunately, neck and spine injuries are fairly common when it comes to being injured on the job. Even worse, workers’ comp insurance carriers don’t want to cover these often expensive, long-lasting injuries. To get out of paying, they’ll allege the injury is the result of a degenerative disease or pre-existing condition rather than something work-related.

When it comes to appealing a denial of benefits, Illinois workers’ compensation law puts the burden on the employee to prove every element of their claim, including showing the nature and extent of their injury and how it is connected to employment. This is where an experienced Illinois workers’ compensation attorney can be invaluable. Chicago neck & spine injury lawyer Mark Connolly has years of experience and a long record of success helping people injured on the job recover significant settlements. If you need help proving a neck or spine injury was caused by work or made worse at work, call Connolly Injury Law for help from an experienced and successful Chicago workers’ compensation attorney.

What Are Common Causes of Neck and Spine Injuries on the Job?

Neck and spine injuries can happen in a variety of ways on Chicago construction sites. The following common types of construction accidents frequently end in neck or spine injuries:

  • Falls from heights, including using a defective or wrong ladder, or falling from a scaffold that collapses or doesn’t include proper railings
  • Being struck by swinging or falling objects
  • Getting caught in or between machines or moving or rotating equipment
  • Trench collapses
  • Slip and fall on oil or another liquid spill
  • Trip over mislaid tools or equipment or extension cords that aren’t properly secured

Back injuries are some of the most common injuries to occur on the job. They can be caused by heavy lifting in a one-time, traumatic event or develop over time due to long-term carrying, lifting or bending as a daily work requirement. Workers need training on proper lifting techniques, the assignment of two persons for heavy lifting jobs, and safety equipment such as belts and braces. Even sitting for long periods can create back issues if workers aren’t given the right chair and desk setup, trained on ergonomic work practices, or given sufficient breaks.

Obviously, the biggest concern with a back, neck or spine injury is damage to the spinal cord. These injuries can cause a pinched nerve or herniated disc that impinges on the spinal cord. A bruised or cut spinal cord can cause incomplete paralysis, and if the spinal cord is completely severed, the accident victim will likely suffer complete paralysis throughout the body below the point of injury.

A neck injury, even a “broken neck,” doesn’t always mean nerve damage. So long as the fractured vertebrae are properly stabilized in a timely fashion, a broken neck can fully heal. Other neck injuries such as sprains and whiplash can also heal over time with physical therapy, medication, rest and the appropriate medical treatment.

Help With Neck & Spine Work Injuries in Chicago

Persons living with neck or spine injuries require all reasonable and necessary care for the best outcome. Depending on the extent of the injury, they may benefit from training and rehabilitation, adaptive devices, assistive technology, and modifications to the home, car or work environment. At Connolly Injury Law, we work to help people in need get the care and compensation they need to recover from a work injury to the greatest extent and regain as much quality of life as possible.

If you have suffered a neck or spine injury or another serious work injury in Cook County or Chicagoland, call Connolly Injury Law at 312-780-0816 for a free consultation with an experienced and dedicated Chicago workers’ compensation attorney. No fee unless and until we obtain compensation for you.

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