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Workers’ compensation insurance is an invaluable lifeline for anyone who suffers an injury while working in Will County. Illinois law requires almost every employer in the state to have this insurance, and almost all workers are covered. However, actually securing the benefits you need to recover from a workplace injury will be much easier if you have help from an experienced Will County workers’ compensation lawyer.

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Representing Injured Workers in Will County, IL

Connolly Injury Law has years of professional experience representing injured workers in Will County in their workers’ compensation cases and other legal proceedings related to workplace injuries. We take time to get to know each client, learning as much as we can about their situation, and provide individualized legal counsel aimed at maximum recovery. Trust our firm to address your unique needs and concerns in your work injury case.

While the workers’ compensation claim filing process may seem simple enough at first, the reality is that anyone can face a wide range of unpredictable complications that they will not be able to resolve on their own. When you have a Will County workers’ compensation lawyer advising you, you can approach your case with confidence and will have a greater chance of maximizing your recovery than you would have on your own.

Securing Benefits With Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Will County

Workers’ compensation insurance applies to any injury an employee suffers while performing their job duties. As long as they were working in good faith, it is even possible for them to have caused their own injury and still qualify for benefits. However, if an employee was injured at work because they intentionally violated safety regulations or were working under the influence of drugs or alcohol, these factors may disqualify them from receiving benefits.

Filing a workers’ compensation claim is similar to what you could expect when filing most other types of insurance claims, but the claimant faces the additional complication of their employer’s role in the process. While most employers handle these situations appropriately and facilitate their injured workers’ claims, some retaliate against their employees. Your attorney can help you address any such issues you encounter with your work injury claim.

A successful workers’ compensation claim in Will County can yield two types of compensation for the injured worker. First, the insurance company will take care of any medical expenses related to the claimant’s work injury. This includes immediate healthcare expenses as well as future medical treatment costs they may face because of a serious injury. Second, the claimant will receive disability benefits that make up for the income they cannot earn during recovery.

It is also possible for an injured worker to have grounds for a separate civil suit if a third party outside of their work caused their injury. This could enable them to claim compensation for damages that workers’ compensation insurance will not cover. Ultimately, any work injury case can escalate into a complex legal process, and it’s vital to have a Will County workers’ compensation lawyer on your side for your impending recovery efforts.


Q: Can You Get Pain and Suffering Compensation From Workers’ Compensation?

A: You cannot get pain and suffering compensation from workers’ compensation in Illinois. You could, however, seek compensation for pain and suffering if you have grounds to file a personal injury suit. Workers’ compensation insurance will only cover medical expenses and some of your lost wages following an injury at work. Your Will County workers’ compensation lawyer can advise you as to whether you have grounds to file a personal injury suit.

Q: Can I Sue My Employer for a Workplace Injury in Will County?

A: You can only sue your employer for a workplace injury in Will County if they do not have workers’ compensation insurance or under very specific conditions. For example, if your employer directly caused your injury through some intentional action, it may form grounds for a claim. It’s more likely for an injured worker to have grounds to file a personal injury suit against a third party who caused their injury.

Q: What Is the Statute of Limitations for a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

A: The statute of limitations for a workers’ compensation claim in Illinois is three years, and this time limit starts on the date the injury happened. However, the injured worker must report their injury to their employer within 45 days, otherwise they could be disqualified from workers’ compensation benefits. It is always advisable for an injured worker to report their injury immediately to ensure they meet this reporting deadline.

Q: What Compensation Can I Receive for a Work Injury in Will County?

A: You can expect two types of compensation for a work injury in Will County from a successful workers’ compensation claim. Your employer’s insurance carrier will pay for all your medical bills related to your injury, and you will receive disability benefits that reflect your inability to work and earn income due to your injury. If you have grounds to file a third-party claim, success with this personal injury suit could yield additional compensation.

Q: Why Should I Hire a Will County Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

A: You should hire a Will County workers’ compensation lawyer because you will have the greatest chance of success when you have the right attorney to handle your case. Your legal team can guide you through the workers’ compensation claim filing process and resolve unexpected disputes that might be raised against your claim. They can also help you win a personal injury suit if you have grounds to file one in addition to your workers’ comp claim.

The team at Connolly Injury Law has the experience and professional resources needed to resolve the most challenging work injury cases in Will County and surrounding communities. We know your situation may feel desperate, and you may not know how to approach your impending case. Our team will provide the direction and support you need. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a Will County workers’ compensation lawyer.


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