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Chicago is well-known for a number of things, not the least of which is O’Hare International Airport, a hub for both United and American Airlines and the sixth busiest airport in the world, serving over 80 million passengers annually. Less than thirty miles away on the south side lies Chicago Midway International Airport, a base for Southwest Airlines and serving 20 million passengers per year also flying Delta, Allegiant and others.

As a Chicago-based workers’ compensation and personal injury law firm, Connolly Injury Law is proud to represent flight attendants, ramp agents, fleet workers and other airline employees who get hurt on the job. O’Hare and Midway are always busy and at times chaotic places to work, and the jobs of landing planes safely, loading and unloading and prepping for takeoff, and managing customer needs in-flight, can be daunting. If you are an airline worker who has been injured at work and are having trouble getting compensation or are unsure of the proper way to make a claim, call Chicago workers’ compensation lawyer Mark Connolly at 312-780-0816 for a no-cost consultation regarding your rights and best options for success. Mark is here for you during this difficult time and will personally handle your case with excellence and professionalism.

Workers’ Compensation for Flight Attendants

Airplanes are crowded spaces with cramped areas and uneven surfaces that can be difficult to traverse during bumpy or turbulent flights. When heavy turbulence hits, passengers stay seated and belted, but flight attendants are on the clock and committed to seeing to the safety and comfort of their guests, even if it means moving about the cabin. Flight attendants risk a plethora of injuries, including cuts and bruises along with more serious spine, shoulder and knee injuries. Flight attendants find themselves facing all of the following hazards on nearly every flight:

  • Collisions with rolling food and beverage carts
  • Slips on surfaces slippery from beverage spills
  • Burns from hot drink spills
  • Trips on uneven walkways and jet bridges
  • Bumps, falls and collisions during turbulence

Overhead bins are an ever-present hazard as well. More and more, passengers buy the largest carry-ons the law will allow and overstuff them to capacity to avoid having to pay for checked luggage. Ultimately, it’s up to the flight attendants to help passengers lift these 50-pound bags overhead, make sure bins are secured, and help retrieve baggage from overhead when necessary. Flight attendants risk sprained or torn muscles or tendons in traumatic events or debilitating conditions that occur over time due to these repetitive tasks.

Ramp Agents and Fleet Workers

Ramp agents and fleet workers have an extremely physically demanding job, loading and unloading baggage, cargo, mail, and sometimes even hazardous materials or live animals. These airline workers are also responsible for the movement of aircraft on and off the gates in a noisy, hectic environment, not infrequently during sub-zero weather or sleeting, icy conditions during Chicago winters.

Fleet workers and ramp agents are subject to work injuries to the back, neck, spine, shoulder and knee from heavy lifting, squatting, bending and kneeling. Whether injuries happen in a traumatic accident or over time from repetitive motion, these workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for their medical expenses and lost wages.

Airline workers on the tarmac also get struck by vehicles while performing their duties, often giving rise to a third-party liability claim when they are hit by another company’s vehicle. As a lawyer experienced and successful in both workers’ compensation claims and civil negligence tort claims, Chicago attorney Mark Connolly helps injured workers get the maximum compensation available by pursuing both types of claims at once in appropriate circumstances.

Helping Flight Attendants & Airline Workers Injured at O’Hare & Chicago Midway Airports

Mark Connolly has helped numerous flight attendants and airline workers injured due to turbulence, a slip and fall, and multiple other accidents, recovering significant sums in both workers’ compensation and personal injury settlements. If you’ve been injured in your job as a flight attendant or other Chicago airline worker, call Connolly Injury Law at 312-780-0816 for a free consultation regarding all your potential claims. There’s no fee unless we recover for you.


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