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Thousands of people suffer workplace injuries in Lake County each year, and most of these injured workers have access to workers’ compensation insurance through their employers. However, the workers’ compensation claim filing process can be difficult without legal counsel on your side. A Lake County workers’ compensation lawyer can be a valuable asset as you seek to obtain the benefits needed to recover from a workplace injury.

Lake County Workers Compensation Lawyer

Experienced Legal Counsel for Lake County, IL, Workers’ Compensation Cases

The team at Connolly Injury Law has years of professional experience helping clients navigate the workers’ compensation claim filing process in Illinois. It’s possible for anyone facing this process to encounter many unpredictable complications that can delay their receipt of benefits. A claimant may also have alternative options for recovery that they may overlook on their own.

When you choose our firm to represent you in a work injury case, we can carefully review the details of your situation, explain what you can expect from the workers’ compensation claim filing process, and help you navigate any additional legal avenues of recovery that are available to you. Our goal in every workers’ compensation case we accept is maximum compensation for our client as quickly as possible.

Securing Benefits for an Injury at Work in Lake County

Almost all employers in the state are legally required to have workers’ compensation insurance, and this insurance can apply to any injury that occurs while an employee is performing their job duties. Some industries are more dangerous than others, but it is possible for unexpected accidents to happen or for workers to develop acquired medical conditions in any workplace.

Once any type of injury has occurred, the victim should report it to their supervisor immediately. The employer is required to furnish the worker with the claim forms and other materials they need to file their claim for workers’ compensation benefits. If the employer interferes with this process or retaliates against the injured worker for attempting to file a claim in good faith, the employer faces severe legal consequences.

Filing a workers’ compensation claim is very similar to filing most other types of insurance claims, with several notable exceptions. The employer plays a role in the process, and the claimant will likely need to undergo a medical evaluation before they can receive benefits. This is to assess their level of disability and how much benefits they will need to fully recover.

A successful workers’ compensation claim in Lake County should yield compensation for medical treatment costs as well as disability benefits. Disability benefits are paid when claimants are unable to work or unable to earn their usual income due to their injuries. Your Lake County workers’ compensation lawyer can help you ensure maximum benefits under your employer’s insurance policy.

It is also possible for an injured worker to have grounds for legal action against a third party who directly caused their injury. Success with this personal injury suit could yield compensation for damages that workers’ compensation won’t cover. Ultimately, you may have more options for recovering from your workplace injury than you initially expected, and the team at Connolly Injury Law can help you capitalize on all your recovery efforts in Lake County.


Q: Do I Need to Prove Fault for a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Lake County?

A: You usually do not need to prove fault for a workers’ compensation claim in Lake County. This insurance typically functions on a no-fault basis, meaning you can claim benefits even if you caused your injury yourself as long as you were working in good faith. However, fault will come into play and affect your case if you violated workplace safety regulations or if any other party directly caused your injury through negligence or illegal misconduct of any kind.

Q: How Much Can I Receive in Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

A: The amount you could receive in workers’ compensation benefits will generally depend on the severity of your injury and how much you usually earned before your injury happened. Your compensation will include medical expense coverage and disability benefits through your employer’s insurance policy. You could potentially secure additional compensation if you have grounds for a third-party personal injury suit.

Q: What Is the Statute of Limitations for Workers’ Compensation?

A: The statute of limitations for workers’ compensation in Illinois is the amount of time you will have in which to file your claim after your workplace injury occurred. Generally, the statute of limitations is three years, starting on the date the injury happened. However, you must report your injury to your supervisor within 45 days, otherwise you lose your chance to file a claim. It is generally advised for claimants to start the claim filing process as quickly as possible.

Q: Can I Sue My Employer for a Work Injury in Lake County?

A: You can only sue your employer for a work injury in Lake County under certain conditions. If they have workers’ compensation insurance this generally protects them from civil liability. However, you could file a claim if they do not have the required insurance, and they would also face fines and other penalties from the state. If a third party caused your injury, you may have grounds to pursue a third-party personal injury claim against them.

Q: Why Should I Hire a Lake County Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

A: You should hire a Lake County workers’ compensation lawyer because you need to have legal counsel you trust if you want to have the greatest chance of success with your recovery efforts. The right attorney can not only assist you with filing your workers’ compensation claim and ensuring you receive appropriate benefits but also help you file a personal injury suit if you have grounds to file a third-party claim.

The team at Connolly Injury Law can assist you with all the various legal efforts you may need to make to fully recover from an injury at work. Our firm has proven experience resolving workers’ compensation cases, and we are ready to put this experience to work for you. You have a limited time in which to file your case, so contact Connolly Injury Law today to schedule a free consultation with a Lake County workers’ compensation lawyer.


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