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While work-related injuries and illnesses tend to be more common in certain industries, the truth is that employees in any market sector are at risk. Statistics included in theAnnual Reportpublished by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC) reveal that more than 132,000 workers suffer nonfatal injuries and around 185 individuals are killed in workplace incidents every year. Victims face an uncertain future as they incur medical bills and other losses, all of which take their toll at a time when they may be unable to work.

If you suffer from an on-the-job injury or occupational disease, it may come as some comfort to know that you have options under Illinois’ workers’ compensation laws. The key to obtaining the benefits you deserve is eligibility, and the rules are quite strict. To avoid putting your rights at risk, trust ourOak Park workers’ compensation lawyersat Connolly Injury Law to tackle the claims process. You can contact our office to schedule a free consultation, but some information on qualifying and answers to common questions may be helpful.

Eligibility Under Illinois Workers’ Compensation Laws

Like other US states, Illinois has established a no-fault system for purposes of work-related medical conditions. You do not need to prove that your employer was negligent in causing your on-the-job injury or illness, as employers are required to carry workers’ comp insurance to cover your losses. Therefore, the key to obtaining workers’ comp benefits is meeting the strict eligibility rules. To qualify, you must:

  • Be a covered employee as opposed to an independent contractor;
  • Have suffered from an injury or illness directly related to the work environment; and
  • Notify your employer right away about a workplace accident, at most within 45 days afterwards.

Answers to FAQs About Workers’ Comp

The above information about eligibility may be useful, but additional information may answer some of your general questions:

What should I do after a workplace accident?

Get medical treatment right away, including emergency care if necessary. You should also report your medical condition to your employer immediately and in writing to create a record.

Can I sue my employer in court?

You cannot pursue a civil action against your employer in most cases, since workers’ compensation is your sole remedy for most on-the-job incidents.

What workers’ comp benefits can I receive?

Qualifying employees can obtain amounts for medical care, wage replacement, and amounts for temporary and permanent disability. Surviving family members may also qualify for death benefits after a fatal work accident.

Do I need an Oak Park workers’ compensation attorney?

You are not legally required to hire a lawyer, but you have an advantage when you work with Connolly Injury Law. We can handle the process from start to finish, including dealings with an insurer and the WCC.

Consult with an Oak Park Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

This information covers the basics about your options, but you certainly have many other questions about eligibility, workers’ compensation benefits, and the claims process. For more information, please call Connolly Injury Law at 312-780-0816 or visit our website to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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