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You may not think of the work environment as being a dangerous place, but statistics from the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC) reveal that many employees are at risk of suffering an on-the-job medical condition. Every year, there are approximately 200,000 cases involving worker injuries or occupational diseases. Many employees will not lose wages from time off work, but the consequences for those that do are severe. In addition to lost income and incurring medical bills, some will suffer long-term disability.

Fortunately, Illinois’ workers’ compensation system provides you with options if you were hurt in a workplace accident or diagnosed with an occupational illness. Our team at Connolly Injury Law can assist with the claims process, as our Summit workers’ compensation lawyers have years of combined experience fighting for the rights of employees. Please contact our office to set up a complimentary consultation, and check out some helpful information about the process for obtaining benefits.

Synopsis of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Process

Like many other US states, Illinois’ workers’ comp system does not require employees to prove that their employer was at fault in causing a work-related injury or illness. Instead, qualifying workers need to file a workers’ compensation insurance claim. In general, you are eligible if you are a covered employee that suffers from a medical condition directly related to the work environment.

However, the claims process is much more involved than simply filling out some forms. You need solid proof regarding the accident or job-related factors that caused your illness or injury. If your employer’s insurer refuses to pay your rightful claim, it may be necessary to take additional steps with the WCC. Connolly Injury Law will be at your side to ensure protection of your interests.

Monetary Benefits are Available for Covered Employees

Every case is unique, so our Summit workers’ compensation lawyers will assess your circumstances to determine the benefits you may be eligible to receive. Your benefits may include:

  • Medical Care: Illinois workers’ comp covers the costs of all medical treatment you need in the immediate aftermath of an accident, as well as reasonable expenses for your injuries in the future.
  • Wage Replacement: If you lose income because of a work-related medical condition, you may be entitled to a portion of your average weekly wages.
  • Disability: When your injuries lead to total or partial disability, you could receive payments on a permanent or temporary basis.
  • Death Benefits: In the event of a fatal workplace accident or occupational illness, surviving family members and other individuals designated by law may seek workers’ compensation death benefits.

Contact Our Summit Workers’ Compensation Attorneys for Details

This summary should be useful in helping you understand the basic concepts, but it should also convince you that legal representation is crucial for the Illinois workers’ comp process. For additional details, please contact Connolly Injury Law today. You can call 312-780-0816 to schedule your free consultation with a member of our team. Once we review your situation, we can advise you on your options.


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