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Video Testimonials

Eileen and Bill



Very Professional and Dedicated 5 Stars

"Mr. Connolly helped us with a workers comp case. Throughout the whole extensive process he looked out for our best interest and kept us informed. He was very professional and dedicated to our case. Thank you for your help."

Unrelenting, Responsive, Attentive 5 Stars

"Mark never gave up on my case, always answered my calls promptly. He was unrelenting in pursuing justice for my WC settlement and was able to not only win the case but settle it with a very satisfactory conclusion."

Highly Recommended 5 Stars

"Mark Connolly represented me in a personal injury slip and fall case. It was a difficult case to prove negligence but Mark Connolly was successful at recovering a generous settlement which covered all my lost wages and medical expenses. The insurance company didn’t want to pay out what we fought for in the end but Mark was successful and diligent. There are many unexpected expenses that come along with a major injury that had me out of work for 3 months without any income. He informed and prepared me for these expenses. If it wasn’t for Marks diligence and professionalism I’d be in financial ruin now. I highly recommend Mark Connolly."

Excellent Job 5 Stars

"Mark did an excellent job with my workers compensation case. He always kept me in the loop and ended up getting me much more money than I expected."

Asked for Results and Mark Delivered 5 Stars

"I had been hurt on the job and was unaware of the laws that are in place to help workers with L&I claims. I knew it occurred at work and on the clock however, I did not know how to peruse a case against my current employer and still have the ability to retain my job. Mark worked diligently with me providing me with the information and the knowledge of how best to proceed. Dealing with corporations on a claim like this can be arduous and time consuming, almost as if they hope you’d just shy away from the claim all together and drop the case. Mark and his firm kept fighting for me for well over a year. They supported me through medical exams, evaluations, continuous paper trails, extensions filed by my employer; all very tedious. But, we stayed the course with Marks support and expertise, and ultimately the case was settled, in my favor. The courts found the fault of my injury to be on the company I worked for and was settled out of court. The persistent nature of Mark and his firm, were ultimately the deciding factor. They worked for me and with me and for that I thank them. Marks dedication to the client and fighting for his clients, puts him in a very rare category and I would recommend he and his firm to anyone else in need of representation."

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