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Chicago UPS Driver Injury Lawyer

The work of a UPS driver is not easy. Driving a truck and delivering packages day-in and day-out can lead to a host of work-related injuries. Like all workers, UPS drivers are protected by workers’ compensation. But that does not mean the company will always pay the legally required benefits without putting up a fight. That is why attorney Mark Connolly and his team at Connolly Injury Law are here to help. Our experienced Chicago UPS driver injury lawyer can represent you at all stages of the process of obtaining compensation for your work-related injuries following an accident.

We Know the Risks Faced by UPS Employees

UPS drivers frequently experience a variety of job-related injuries arising from traffic accidents and the repetitive strain of picking up and delivering packages. Some of the more common injuries that we have seen from our UPS clients include:

  • broken bones and fractures;
  • whiplash and other neck injuries;
  • cuts and lacerations;
  • wrist and ankle sprains;
  • ligament tears in the knees and shoulders;
  • herniated discs;
  • torn rotator cuffs; and
  • traumatic brain injuries (concussions).

The critical thing to understand about workers’ compensation is that it is a “no-fault” system. In other words, UPS cannot deny you benefits under the law even if you were partially responsible for your accident or injury. All that matters is that the injury occurred in the course of your employment.

But you can be denied benefits if you fail to act promptly to assert your rights. Illinois law generally requires you inform your supervisor of a work-related injury or illness “as soon as practicable” but no later than 45 days after the accident. Once UPS is notified, they must provide you with any necessary first aid and medical services.

One thing to keep in mind is that workers’ compensation only applies to UPS’ liability for a work-related accident or injury. It does not protect any third parties. So if you are a UPS driver who was hit by another vehicle while making a delivery, workers’ compensation does not prevent you from bringing a third-party lawsuit against the negligent driver. This is important because there are many types of compensation you can obtain in a personal injury claim that are unavailable through workers’ compensation, such as damages for your pain and suffering.

Contact Connolly Injury Law Today

We know that UPS workers are often under enormous strain. You are often required to work long hours–especially during peak seasons like the holidays–and are thus at greater risk for injury than many other types of workers. But even on a normal workday there are still a hundred different ways you might be injured and forced to miss several weeks (or months) of work, which will put an enormous financial strain on you and your family.

This is why you should never hesitate to assert your rights under the law. If you are a UPS driver in the Chicago area and have suffered a work-related injury, we can help. To speak with an experienced Chicago UPS driver injury/workers comp lawyer, contact Connolly Injury Law today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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