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Your life could be turned around if you were hurt on-the-job or suffered from an occupational disease, with medical costs mounting and being unable to work. It may come as a relief to know that there are benefits available under Illinois law and regulations established by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC). You may qualify to receive amounts for your medical treatment, lost wages, and other benefits that provide essential financial support during this difficult time.

However, filing for workers’ compensation is more complicated than you might expect, especially when your employer and/or insurance company create obstacles in the process. Instead of putting your rights at risk while you are recovering from your injuries, trust our team at Connolly Injury Law to tackle the challenges. Please contact our firm to set up a free consultation with a Peoria workers’ compensation lawyer, and check out a summary of the laws.

Overview of Illinois Workers’ Compensation Laws

The state system is structured to balance the interests between employer and employee when the worker is hurt on the job. As such, you do not need to prove that your employer was negligent in causing your medical condition. The caveat of this no-fault approach is that you are limited to filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits; you are barred from filing a lawsuit in court.

Still, your workers’ comp benefits may include:

  • Amounts to cover treatment of your work-related injury or occupational illness;
  • Wage replacement if you miss work;
  • Benefits for total or partial disability, on a permanent or temporary basis; and
  • Death benefits, if you lost a loved one because of workplace conditions.

Challenges in Dealing with Workers’ Comp Insurers

Most employees will qualify for benefits if they are hurt or become ill because of job-related functions. However, even when you are eligible for benefits, you could encounter obstacles when you file a claim with your employer’s workers’ comp insurance company. There may be legitimate reasons for a denial, but insurers often dispute claims on improper grounds to protect their own bottom line. Examples include:

  • Contesting the severity of your injuries or suggesting that you do not need treatment;
  • Disputing the fact that your injuries or illness were the result of workplace conditions or job-related tasks; or
  • Alleging that you are not eligible for benefits because you are an independent contractor.

Our Peoria workers’ compensation lawyers at Connolly Injury Law will aggressively pursue the company to get the full benefits allowed by law. If the insurer refuses to pay, we will take the next steps through the WCC.

Contact a Peoria Workers’ Compensation Lawyer for More Information

While this overview may cover the basics, there are many other details that you need to know to get the workers’ comp benefits you are entitled to under Illinois law. To learn how our team can assist with your claim, please contact Connolly Injury Law at 312-780-0816 or visit us online to set up a no-cost consultation. Our workers’ compensation attorneys can advise you on your options after reviewing your circumstances.


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