Can A Remote Worker Suffer A Work-Related Injury In Illinois?

Can A Remote Worker Suffer A Work-Related Injury In Illinois?

Today, many workers are remote workers. A remote worker is an employee who works from home. They could also be an employee who works as a “digital nomad” or on assignment in a different location. Even before COVID-19, many employers employed people who worked remotely.

But the COVID-19 pandemic led to more and more workers becoming remote workers. If you are a remote worker who recently suffered an injury, you might be wondering if a remote worker can suffer a work-related injury. You may be wondering if a remote worker can file a workers’ compensation claim.

So, can a remote worker suffer a work-related injury, and can a remote worker file a workers’ compensation claim? Yes, a remote worker can suffer a work-related injury and can file a worker’s compensation claim.

If you suffered your injury out of and in the course of your employment, it is a work-related injury, and you can file a worker’s compensation claim. That said, you should know that proving your injury is work-related can be challenging. If you are a remote worker who sustained an injury and believe your injury is work-related, reach out to a qualified workers’ compensation attorney.

Common Injuries That Remote Workers Sustain

Just because you work remotely does not mean you cannot suffer work-related injuries. There are many injuries that remote workers can sustain. Unfortunately, an injury, even that one sustained by a remote worker, can be costly and make it hard for an employee to work. The following are some of the common injuries remote workers sustain:

Spine Issues

Most employees that work remotely need to sit down for several hours daily. Employees who sit down for long hours could start experiencing spine issues. Unfortunately, spine issues can make it hard for an employee to move around, sit down, and bend over.


It is not just employees who work in factories or the office who can experience burnout. Even employees who work remotely can experience burnout. Unrealistic deadlines and unmanageable workloads are some of the most common reasons remote workers experience burnout.


People who work remotely and use a computer or stare at a screen of some kind are at a high risk of developing eye problems. If a worker stares at a computer screen or some other kind of screen for hours, they may put excessive strain on their eyes.

Proving Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you file a worker’s compensation claim after suffering an injury as a remote worker, the burden of proving your case will be on you. It is best that you work with an attorney because proving your case might be challenging. An attorney can help you gather evidence that can help you prove that your injury occurred in the line of work.

Statute of Limitations

It is important to note that you have limited time to file a workers’ compensation claim after sustaining a work-related injury, whether as a remote worker or a worker who works from a workplace or worksite. In Illinois, you only have three years from the date of your injury to bring forward a workers’ compensation claim.

Contact a Chicago Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you suffered an injury as a remote worker and need help determining if you have a valid case, contact our Chicago workers’ compensation lawyer at Connolly Injury Law. If you have a valid case, we can help you file your claim and recover the compensation you deserve.


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