Why Is It Important To Report A Work Injury ASAP In Illinois?

Why Is It Important To Report A Work Injury ASAP In Illinois?

After suffering a work-related injury, it is crucial that you report your injury promptly to your employer. In Illinois, the law requires that you report your work injury to your employer promptly if you want to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Specifically, under Illinois workers’ compensation law, you have 45 days after suffering your work injury to report it to your employer.

Suppose you suffer an injury from toxic exposure or a repetitive stress injury. In that case, you have 45 days from when you become aware of your injury to report it to your employer. But while you have 45 days to report your injury, the sooner you do it, the better. Apart from reporting a work injury promptly to protect your legal rights, there are several other reasons to report a work injury promptly. Below, we look at some reasons to promptly report a work-related injury.

Ensuring You Comply With the Legal Requirements

As mentioned, promptly reporting a work injury can help protect your legal rights and comply with the legal requirements. When you report your injury to your employer within the set amount of time, you fulfill your obligation and thus protect your right to recover worker’s compensation benefits. By reporting your injury promptly, you prevent your employer from denying or delaying your workers’ compensation claim on the basis that you failed to report your injury on time.

Prompt Medical Care

Reporting a work injury without delay can ensure you get prompt medical care. By receiving prompt medical attention, you can prevent your injury from worsening, which can, in turn, help you avoid a prolonged recovery. By avoiding a prolonged recovery, you can decrease the amount of time you take off work and minimize lost productivity and the amount of wages you lose.

Improved and Timely Investigations

Reporting your work injury promptly to your employer can allow investigations to be conducted promptly. When you report your work injury promptly, you allow for evidence to be collected and documented immediately. If there are delays, evidence can be overlooked or forgotten. Evidence may also get altered or destroyed if it is not collected immediately. Additionally, reporting your injury immediately will allow for collecting witness testimonies while the incident is still fresh in the mind. Over time, memories fade, and witnesses become unable to provide reliable statements.

Avoid Complications With Your Legal Claim

Because reporting your work injury promptly ensures you receive timely medical care and allows for investigations to be conducted in a timely manner, you can avoid legal complications with your workers’ compensation claim if you report your work injury promptly. By reporting your work injury promptly, you can prevent the likelihood of your employer trying to dispute the severity or cause of your injury.

Ensuring the Situation Is Rectified Promptly

Finally, it is crucial that you report your work injury without delay so your employer can address any safety issues in your workplace in a timely manner. This can help prevent other workers from getting injured. If you don’t report your injury promptly, the issue may remain unaddressed, and other workers may suffer injuries in the same way you did.

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