What Medical Expenses Are Covered by Illinois Workers’ Compensation?

What Medical Expenses Are Covered by Illinois Workers’ Compensation?

After suffering an injury while on the job in Illinois, you have the right to claim workers’ compensation benefits. In Illinois, workers’ compensation covers several things, including medical expenses. Fortunately, under Illinois law, there isn’t much limitation on the medical expenses that qualify for workers’ compensation. Generally, workers’ compensation in Illinois pays for all medical care that is reasonably necessary when a work-related injury causes an employee an injury. Workers’ compensation covers most types of medical care that may be necessary after a work injury. Below is a look at some of the medical expenses covered by Illinois workers’ compensation.

Ambulance Costs

If you sustained a severe injury that necessitated you to take an ambulance to the hospital, you are eligible to be compensated for ambulance costs. Because the ambulance company may not have your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer details, they may send the bill to you. If that happens, you should inform your employer.

Emergency Room Visit

Visits to the emergency room can be quite expensive. Fortunately, you are also eligible to be compensated for emergency room care in Illinois.


Under Illinois law, you can choose two doctors to treat your work-related injuries. The exception is if your employer has a Preferred Provider Program (PPP). If your employer has a PPP, the two doctors must be “in network.” If you opt out of the program, you are limited to one doctor. Opting out of the PPP counts as one of your choices. However, whether or not your employer has a PPP, emergency care does not count against your choice of doctors. In Illinois, emergency care is covered in addition to the treatment provided by the doctors you select.


Illinois workers’ compensation covers treatment-related expenses like diagnostic tests, surgery, and prescriptions. The only catch is that the treatment must be considered “reasonable.” For example, if you broke your arm and your physician put it in a cast, that will be covered by workers’ compensation. However, if your doctor recommended acupuncture to ease the pain, that will be less likely to be covered by workers’ compensation because acupuncture is not a commonly accepted medical practice. Also, the medical treatment you receive must be related to your injury for you to recover compensation. For instance, suppose you suffered a broken leg but were treated for high blood pressure. Workers’ compensation will not cover the portion of your medical expenses that went to treating high blood pressure.

Ongoing Care

Illinois workers’ compensation also covers ongoing medical care. If you sustained a severe injury that requires ongoing care, such as physical therapy, you are eligible to be compensated for the cost you incur for the physical therapy. Also, in the case of a chronic illness, such as cancer, that requires ongoing treatment, workers’ compensation should cover continuing treatment.

Ambiguous Cases

Sometimes, it is unclear if a medical expense is covered under workers’ compensation. For instance, if a doctor prescribes an orthopedic pillow for neck pain, it may not be clear whether such treatment is covered. A qualified workers’ compensation attorney can help determine which medical expenses are covered in such cases.

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