Risks Faced by UPS and FedEx Drivers and the Rights of Injured Drivers in Illinois

Risks Faced by UPS and FedEx Drivers and the Rights of Injured Drivers in Illinois

UPS (United Parcel Service) and FedEx are leading delivery service companies. These companies provide shipping and delivery services across the world. UPS and FedEx have employed countless people as drivers. The work of these drivers involves transporting packages to residential addresses and businesses.

UPS and FedEx drivers are responsible for, among other things, picking up packages, loading and unloading packages, operating a variety of vehicles, and delivering packages. Unfortunately, UPS and FedEx drivers face various risks while on the job. Below, we discuss some of the dangers UPS and FedEx drivers face. We also discuss the rights of injured UPS and FedEx drivers.

Common Risks Faced by UPS and FedEx Drivers

Being a UPS or FedEx driver can be an amazing thing. However, it also comes with its share of dangers. The following are some of the common hazards faced by UPS and FedEx drivers;

Traffic Accidents

Among the most common risks UPS and FedEx drivers face while on the job are traffic accidents. UPS and FedEx drivers may be involved in collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians. Traffic accidents among UPS and FedEx drivers can occur for various reasons, including high workload and time pressure, driver fatigue, poor weather conditions, vehicle maintenance issues, and unfamiliar routes.


UPS and FedEx drivers risk being attacked by loose pets and other animals. For example, a UPS or FedEx driver may encounter an aggressive loose dog, resulting in a dog bite. Some dog bite injuries are quite severe and result in victims needing amputation. It is vital for UPS and FedEx drivers to be cautious when approaching a property. Delivery drivers need to always be on the lookout for warning signs.

Manual Handling

UPS and FedEx drivers need to lift and move heavy packages. Improperly lifting and moving heavy packages can lead to musculoskeletal injuries. Even lifting light packages can cause harm. The repeated movements involved in lifting and moving packages can cause repetitive stress injuries such as muscle strains and sprains, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and rotator cuff injuries.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

UPS and FedEx drivers face the risk of slipping, tripping, and falling from the vehicles they operate. They also risk slipping, tripping, and falling on people’s properties. Common slip, trip, and fall injuries that UPS and FedEx drivers may suffer include fractures, head injuries, back injuries, knee injuries, and shoulder injuries.


UPS and FedEx drivers also face the risk of being assaulted, particularly in isolated or poorly lit areas.

What Are the Rights of Injured UPS and FedEx Drivers?

First, UPS and FedEx drivers who suffer injuries while on the job have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim and recover benefits, including medical expenses, temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits, and vocational rehabilitation benefits. Second, injured drivers have the right to return to work accommodations, such as modified job duties, a modified schedule, or reassignment to an alternate position, if their injury prevents them from performing their regular duties. Third, if a third party (not the employer) is responsible for the injury, the driver may have the right to pursue a third-party claim against the at-fault third party.

Contact a Chicago Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you are a UPS or FedEx driver and have suffered a work-related injury, our skilled Chicago workers’ compensation lawyer at Connolly Injury Law can help you understand your legal options. We can help protect your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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