Most Common Dangers Faced By Warehouse Workers In Illinois

Most Common Dangers Faced By Warehouse Workers In Illinois

Warehousing is a large industry in the United States of America. Warehouse work keeps supply chains running. However, working in a warehouse can be very risky. Every day, warehouse workers face serious risks while working. Each day, warehouse workers suffer serious injuries while on the job, with some suffering fatal injuries.

If you are a warehouse worker, you may want to understand the risks of your job so you can keep safe moving forward. And if you are a warehouse worker who has suffered an injury while on the job, contact a workers’ compensation attorney, as you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

Common Dangers Faced by Warehouse Workers

The following are some of the most common risks faced by warehouse workers;


The function of a warehouse is to store goods and take them out whenever needed. Indeed, warehouse workers use machines to transport items. However, they need to push and pull these machines. Warehouse workers also do a lot of lifting and lowering. The pushing, pulling, lifting, and lowering of too much weight is a serious risk to warehouse workers. Lifting, pushing, pulling, and lowering heavy items can cause overexertion injuries like sprains, twists, and back and neck injuries.

Slip and Falls

Wet concrete, uneven surfaces, exposed cords, and poor lighting are just a few of the things that can cause slip-and-fall accidents in warehouses. Warehouse workers can also slip, trip, and fall even if there is no hazard because they do a lot of moving around. A warehouse worker can walk many miles in a day.

Equipment and Machinery Accidents

Warehouse workers use equipment and machinery to make their work easier. For example, they use forklifts to lift heavy objects. Unfortunately, the equipment and machinery used in warehouses have many risks. For example, a forklift can run over a worker and injure or kill them.

Falling Objects

The objects that warehouse workers have to stack high up on shelves can be a serious hazard. Objects stored on high shelves can fall and injure or kill a worker. Some injuries falling objects can cause include back injuries, shoulder injuries, and concussions.

Hazardous Materials

If dangerous materials are stored within a warehouse, those materials can pose a huge risk to workers. If a package with dangerous materials is damaged, causing the materials to leak, it could result in burns, fire, or many other things.

Loading Dock Accidents

If, for example, a vehicle comes too close and the driver doesn’t see workers, the workers could be injured. Workers can also fall off the loading dock. Additionally, inventory can shift and cause an avalanche that ends up harming workers.

Repetitive Stress and Awkward Positions

Repetitive stress injuries can occur over a period of time because of repetitive motions. Warehouse workers perform the same motions over an extended period, putting them at risk of repetitive stress injuries. For instance, moving and lifting objects over and over can injure muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Apart from repetitive motions, awkward positions can also cause RSIs. For example, twisting and reaching overhead to get items can cause injuries over time.

Contact a Chicago Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you suffered an injury while working in a warehouse in Illinois, contact our Chicago workers’ compensation lawyer at Connolly Injury Law for legal help.

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