How Do Head Injuries Happen At Construction Sites In Illinois?

How Do Head Injuries Happen At Construction Sites In Illinois?

Every industry has its share of risks and hazards. However, some workplaces are riskier than others. One of the high-risk industries is the construction industry, with one of the most common injuries you can sustain at a construction site being a head injury. The consequences can be devastating when a head injury occurs at a construction site.

A head injury can result in your entire body being negatively affected since the brain controls every part of your body. For instance, your mobility could be reduced after sustaining a head injury at a construction site. A head injury can also cause memory loss, paralysis, and even loss of life. It is vital that you seek medical attention immediately after suffering a head injury at a construction site.

If you are a construction worker, it is crucial you know you can suffer a head injury while at work. By understanding how head injuries happen at construction sites, you will be better positioned to keep yourself, your co-workers, and others safe. The following are some of the ways you can suffer a head injury at a construction site.

Falling From a Significant Height

Falls from elevated points are one of the leading causes of head injuries at construction sites. In fact, according to the CDC, falls are the leading cause of all injuries on construction sites. On a construction site, workers can fall from, among other things, scaffolding, rooftops, and ladders. If a construction worker falls from a significant height and hits a hard surface or sharp object, they may sustain a head injury. Falling from a great height can even result in a construction worker dying on the spot. This is especially true if the worker did not have the appropriate headgear at the time of the fall.

Being Struck by an Object

Construction workers handle tools and loose materials at heights. Construction workers use equipment to move heavy loads that can fall anytime. If a construction worker is struck in the head by a tool, loose material, or equipment, they could suffer a head injury. And unfortunately, even an object that does not appear dangerous can cause serious injury when it strikes a construction worker.

Slipping, Tripping, and Falling

If, for example, the floors are wet or there are loose cables, you can slip, trip, and fall. If this happens, you could suffer a head injury if you land on a hard surface or sharp object.

You Have Legal Rights

If you suffer a head injury or any other injury despite all your efforts to stay safe while working on a construction site, you may be eligible to recover financial compensation through a workers’ compensation claim. After suffering a work-related injury, you could seek compensation for your healthcare expenses and other injury-related damages. A qualified workers’ compensation attorney can help you file your claim, calculate damages, and negotiate a fair settlement. If you want to increase your chances of recovering the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve for a work injury, it is best that you don’t handle your claim alone.

Legal Help Is Available

Our experienced and dedicated Chicago workers’ compensation lawyer at Connolly Injury Law can help you file a workers’ compensation claim, calculate your damages, and negotiate a fair settlement. You can reach us by calling (312)780-0816 or filling out our online contact form.


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