Can Insurance Companies Do Surveillance On Injured Workers In Illinois?

Can Insurance Companies Do Surveillance On Injured Workers In Illinois?

Insurance companies may conduct surveillance on injured workers in Illinois as part of their investigation into a workers’ compensation claim. Surveillance may be used to gather evidence about the injured worker’s activities and limitations, and to determine whether the worker is accurately reporting their injuries and limitations.

The insurance companies are generally allowed to conduct surveillance of an injured worker as long as it is reasonable and not excessively intrusive. This means that the insurance company cannot follow the injured worker everywhere they go or constantly watch their every move, but they can use methods such as surveillance cameras or hiring private investigators to gather information about the worker’s activities.

It is important for injured workers to be aware of this and to be mindful of their activities and limitations when making a workers’ compensation claim. Injured workers should also be aware of their privacy rights and the limits of what insurance companies are allowed to do in the course of their investigation. Furthermore, given that there is no discovery in Illinois workers’ compensation cases, we are not entitled to see the surveillance footage or conclusions until they are presented at trial.

If you suspect that surveillance is being conducted on you in relation to your workers’ compensation case please contact Mark Connolly at Connolly Injury Law. We can provide to guidance and suggestions for dealing with these stressful and uncomfortable situations. Mr. Connolly has utilized creative and innovative means for countering these deceptive insurance tactics.

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