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Anytime that you are injured on the job, you have certain legal rights under Illinois Workers’ Compensation law. This includes the right to work with an independent Chicago union worker injury case lawyer to represent your interests. So even if you already belong to a union, attorney Mark Connolly and his team at Connolly Injury Law can help you obtain all of the benefits you are entitled to under the law.

You Do Not Have to Rely on the Union to Assert Your Legal Rights

Unions play an important role in our labor system. But unions are also complex bureaucracies unto themselves. This means that oftentimes the needs of the individual worker get lost in the process. And oftentimes, the union will steer an injured member towards an attorney with whom it has ties, which may create a conflict of interest. Ultimately, the union’s responsibility is to look out for the interest of its membership as a whole, not necessarily those of each individual member.

But when you are the one hurt on the job, you need to think about your needs–and those of your family–rather than what might be most convenient for the union. This is where working with your own personal injury and workers’ compensation attorney often makes sense. Your attorney can advise you about your rights and what steps might be necessary to maximize your benefits under Illinois workers’ compensation law.

It is also important to consider that many workplace accidents involve potential third-party claims that fall outside of the workers’ compensation system. Remember, workers’ compensation only provides limited wage replacement benefits for injured workers. It does not fully compensate you for all of your losses arising from an accident. But if someone other than your employer is to blame, you may have a viable personal injury lawsuit that can provide a fuller measure of compensation for you and your family.

Contact Connolly Injury Law Today

When it comes to any workers’ compensation claim, it is critical to act quickly to protect your rights. When an accident occurs at the job site, you need to notify both your boss and your union as soon as possible. This is just the first step in the workers’ compensation process. Your next step should be to contact a lawyer.

The reality is that even though Illinois workers’ compensation benefits are “no-fault,” many employers and insurance companies still drag their feet when it comes to paying up. You may be forced to undergo a series of medical exams to prove your injury. Even then, the employer may come up with some excuse to award you less than the law requires them to pay. Having your own attorney by your side can minimize the chance such delay tactics will succeed.

So if you have been hurt on the job and need to speak with a Chicago union type worker injury/workers comp case lawyer, contact Connolly Injury Law today to schedule a free initial consultation.


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